The Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Handling a server is never easy. Unfailing security, relentless power supply, a group of specialized engineers is just a few must-haves to ensure great server management and productivity. There are many virtual dedicated server hosting companies in India and NextraOne is one of them. With NextraOne co-location services, you can rent a space in our well-equipped data center and the team of experienced people will handle all the network and servers and will make sure it stays in top condition at all times. NextraOne is the best place to get a result for all your online needs at one place. Whether you need domain registration, Web Hosting or Email hosting, you have nothing to worry about until NextraOne is there.

nextra 1

  • Why NextraOne is a best-dedicated server hosting in India
  • It has a variety of plans that suits you.
  • Nextra being the cheapest dedicated server hosting India provides the powerful and easy to use tools that makes the management of domains very easy.
  • Apart from the plans and trust, it also helps you to provide secure and reliable arrangement with the most realistic price
  • It also automates the domain visitors to a different location on the web, keeping a track of all the visitors on the website
  • They also offer privacy protection feature with the help of which the data of the users from an illegal access will be secured under the protective layer of NextraOne
  • To take the maximum care of your data, all the servers come with two hard disks by default with RAID1 enabled.
  • Space is the most important factor so this is the foremost duty to make sure that the users never run out of space on the server.

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